Intesa Sanpaolo promotes the Italian port system in Germany

The image accompanying the News on the mission to promote the Single Special Economic Zone of the South and the Simplified Logistics Zones of the Center and North in Germany, with the aim of supporting the development of the Italian port system, attracting investments from abroad and strengthening the commercial relations, portrays a dock for loading and unloading containers from above

Intesa Sanpaolo is promoting the Southern Italy Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and the Central North Simplified Logistic Zones (SLZ) in Germany to support the development of the Italian port system by attracting foreign investment and strengthening trade relations. 

The Group has also increased to €10 billion the national financing available for new production sites, expansion and modernisation of existing sites and investments in the energy sector in the SEZ and SLZ, as part of the larger €410 billion plan to support the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (NRRP).

In these areas, Intesa Sanpaolo has already financed direct and indirect investments of over €5 billion and launched an ad hoc credit line, the S-Loan ZES, which offers a lower interest rate.

The trade mission to Frankfurt met with 25 German companies interested in investing in Italy to develop their business, focusing on a supply chain infrastructure system in which the Mediterranean plays an increasingly strategic role within the new geopolitical context.

An analysis by SRM

Intesa Sanpaolo for the Italian port system

Intesa Sanpaolo's support for the Italian port system also includes:

  • Specialised advisory to support companies in access to national and international tenders
  • Products and services to support strategic supply chain agreements with the main logistics supply chains in the area, including through the "Supply Chain Development Programme"
  • Local promotional activities, through the organisation, together with leading logistics companies and port authorities, of physical and virtual events to engage companies and investors and raise awareness of available opportunities, in collaboration with SRM, a research centre linked to Intesa Sanpaolo that specialises in maritime transport and logistics
  • Collaboration agreements with all the commissioners of the current SEZs in Southern Italy as well as with the SLZs in the Centre-North and the main port authorities in view of fostering local development. 

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