The bank relies on trust; it gives trust through its credit and receives it through savings.

This process is indispensable not only for the bank to function but also for the economy and the market; it is the result of long-standing relations with customers based on dialogue, transparency and the quality of our services.

In keeping with the values and principles of conduct defined in the Code of Ethics, which are based on listening and dialogue, transparency and fairness, and the protection of safety in business relations, the Group places its focus on the customer and strives to maintain excellent relationships.


2020 Consolidated Non-financial Statement

Dedicated to the customers

There are many tools to help strengthen these relations:

  • Dialogue and listening. Through daily dealings with colleagues in branches, various communication channels at the customers' disposal, surveys regarding their satisfaction and prompt dealing with complaints, so that controversy may become an opportunity for improvement
  • Projects with consumer associations. Projects drawn up together with consumer associations and various representatives of society, aimed not only at monitoring the efficiency of the Group but also at listening to useful suggestions for constant improvement
  • Products dedicated. The development of a range of products and solutions that give those people who are normally not granted credit the chance to create a project for their lives
  • Innovations. Continuous support to all those initiatives that produce innovation, which require new solutions and new tools in order to help the society in which we live to grow and improve.

Access to credit and financial inclusion

Great attention is paid to the offer of products and services that can facilitate access to credit and financial inclusion, as a contribution to the development of the communities in which we operate. In 2019 the Intesa Sanpaolo Group issued new loans for high social impact activities amounting to almost 3.8 billion euro (6.6% of the total loans granted), helping to create business and employment opportunities, as well as to assist people in difficulty.

Loans with social impact (% and thousand of euro)

Relationship, inclusion, education and financial support

Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:  

Customer indicators

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