Intesa Sanpaolo intends to maintain sustainable business growth by leveraging the active involvement of people and a new state-of-the-art digital infrastructure: both of these enabling factors allow it to offer customers innovative and quality products by expanding the range of services, channels available and their accessibility, with an increasing focus on sustainable financing and forms of investments.

2020 Consolidated Non-financial Statement

Commitment to customers: targets and results

2018-2021 Business Plan Targets
Description Achievement (data as at 31/12/2020, where not specified)
Enhancing the quality of service levels Improvement of the Net Promoter Score (NPS), indicator that expresses the likelihood of customers to recommend the bank, therefore its overall satisfaction.

NPSs improved for all customer segments compared with 2019 as result of the strengthening of the Bank/customer relationship, also positively influenced by opinions on Intesa Sanpaolo’s conduct during the health emergency. 

• Retail: from 20 to 21

• Businesses: from 11 to 22 

• Exclusive: from 7 to 15

Medium/long-term credit granted to the real economy Disburse € 250bn (cumulative 2018-2021) Disbursed €205,6bn (cumulative 2018-2020)
Expansion of the multichannel platform and digital transformation 70% of activities digitised by 2021 60% dof activities digitised at the end of 2020 with 11.6m of digitised transactions (44.6m since 2018)
Strengthening of innovation

Supporting the research of new solutions and new tools to grow and improve our society

Start-up Project: over 2,900 start-ups evalueted, 440 coached start-ups introducing them to selected investors and ecosystem players from 2018 to 30.06.21
Leadership in sustainable investments
Consolidation of its leading role in sustainable investments 22.8% of the Group’s market share (30.4% with the contribution from UBI Banca)
Reinforcement of initiatives to foster
financial inclusion and to support vulnerable groups

Increase the disbursements of credit for social inclusion

Development of a fund - Fund for Impact - of around €250m to facilitate the disbursement of loans of around € 1.5bn to sections of society that find it difficult to access credit

Nel 2020 erogati €37,2mld, pari al 42,5% sul totale dei finanziamenti per iniziative ad alto impatto sociale (inclusi €32mld a sostegno dell’emergenza sanitaria Covid-19), di cui:

In 2020 € 37.2bn disbursed, equal to 42.5% of total funding for high social impact initiatives (including € 32bn in support of the Covid-19 health emergency), of which:
• € 85m for micro-credit and anti-usury loans

• € 163m for subsidized loans to support families and businesses affected by earthquakes and other natural disasters (€497m from 2018)

Fund for impact initiatives (data as of 30-6-21):

• "Per Merito", the first line of credit without collateral dedicated to university students residing in Italy, studying in Italy or abroad; ~€123m since beginning of 2019 

• MAMMA @ WORK - loan at highly subsidized conditions launched in July 2020 to reconcile motherhood and work in the first years of the children's life (€ 0.5m paid out)

• XME StudioStation - loans to families to support distance learning, launched in August 2020 (€ 1.7 million disbursed)

Relationship, inclusion, education and financial support

Consolidated Non-financial Statement as at 30 June 2021:
Customers indicators
Consolidated Non-financial Statement 2020:  

Customer indicators - pdf

Customer indicators - excel
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