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Fostering youth education and employability

Intesa Sanpaolo promotes youth education and employability, adopting partnerships with schools and universities to contribute to the well-being of the new generations in the areas where the Group operates.


2022-2025 Targets

>4,000 schools and universities involved in inclusive education programmes
>3,000 young people as beneficiaries of youth employability programmes
3,000-4,000 social housing units for young people in Italy

e.g. students, young workers

Inclusive education programmes

2022 Results

>1,000 schools and universities involved
~4,200 beneficiaries students


Programs for young people in schools

Programs for young people in schools
Guidance programme
launched in 2022 which, in partnership with the ELIS Consortium, involves about 15,000 young people throughout the country at risk of dropping out from school, with particular attention to the regions where the risk is more widespread.

Intesa Sanpaolo was involved in 14 middle schools engaging 850 students.

Three-year courses on life skills and careers guidance
activated in 25 Italian cities, which involve more than 3,600 students from 118 schools in 180 courses.
Programme to facilitate the development of a culture of sustainability
in support of teaching civic education, through courses for life skills and careers guidance (PCTO - the former school-work experience), which in the 2021/2022 school year involved over 130 classes and 2,350 students.


As part of its collaboration with Italian and international universities, Intesa Sanpaolo suport students through scholarships, research grants and, through “Tesi in Azienda” (Thesis in the Company) project, that support students engaged in preparing their degree or PhD theses, with activities ranging from the targeted information on useful sources and materials to specialist support provided by company professionals.

2022 Results

>60 italian and international universities which Intesa Sanpaolo collaborates with
150 scholarships and research grants
150 students engaged in preparing their degree or PhD thesis

With the support of the Polytechnic of Bari and the La Sapienza University, Intesa Sanpaolo collaborates in the P-Tech initiative of the Fondazione IBM to combat dropping out from school, launched in the provinces of Taranto and Rieti. From the third year of secondary school until graduation in digital subjects, P-Tech accompanies male and female students in six years of highly specialised training. In 2022, Intesa Sanpaolo was also involved directly by delivering 3 webinars, 1 (online) three-day finance workshop and several mentoring meetings.

Projects fostering youth employability

In order to facilitate young people’s entry into the world of work, Intesa Sanpaolo has activated some projects involving universities and enterprises.

Giovani e Lavoro Programme

“Giovani e Lavoro” (Youth and Work) is a programme created in 2019 by the partnership between Intesa Sanpaolo and Generation Italy, a non-profit foundation set up by McKinsey & Company, in order to offer free training courses to 5,000 unemployed young people, aged between 18 and 29 (of which 3,000 in the period of the 2022-2025 Plan).

2022 Results

7,500 candidate students
1,650 students interviewed
>770 students trained or in training

~ 3,000 since 2019

~2,300 companies involved

since 2019

30 courses activated

Generation4Universities Project

Intesa Sanpaolo is the main sponsor of the “Generation4Universities” project, developed by Generation and McKinsey & Company, aimed at helping students in their last year of university to embark on successful professional careers.

2022 Results

~100 students involved

in 36 universities

31 important Italian companies involved

as potential employers

54 internships launched

5 in Intesa Sanpaolo


Launched in 2022 (in partnership with Dynamo Academy), it promotes the inclusion into the world of work of young people experiencing social, economic and family hardship. The Bank contributes to improving the employability of young people by preparing them for professional life, with particular attention to areas covering well-being and personal care.

Between 2022 and 2023, 4 courses are envisaged, aimed at training professionals capable of planning and managing socio-educational, recreational and cultural activities for the development of relationships and inclusion: 2 in Tuscany (with a total of 37 participants) and 2 in Campania (the first with 26 participants, the second still in preparation).