Immagine di persona che lavora in Gioia 22

Efficiency, simplicity, flexibility and responsibility

In the new skyscraper, the best conditions have been fulfilled in terms of: efficiency, with smart technological equipment supporting hybrid working; simplicity, with tools that facilitate a balanced organisation of one's time for work and relaxation; flexibility, with spaces that allow everyone to work at their best both individually and in teams; and responsibility, with autonomous planning of one's work and a management approach geared towards optimising the use of common spaces provided by the company.



Immagine del bar presente in Gioia 22
Immagine della palestra in Gioia 22

Working at Gioia 22: the spaces in the new skyscraper

At Gioia 22 there are individual workstations in the open spaces, clusters where you can stay on your own and focus, meeting rooms for meetings and videoconferences, energy corners for quick snacks, break areas located in the places with the best views where you can relax with your colleagues, and practical, modern dining areas seating a total of 200 people.

There is also a large outdoor terrace for everyone to have a break, relax and interact with others. During the summer, when the weather is nice, people can also have their lunch up here. 

There is also a 500 sq. metre gym on the first floor of the building, GYM Gioia 22. It is very well-equipped and will allow workers to recharge their batteries by exercising.  

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