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  • How can I apply to an internship position?
    All open internship positions are  published on our Career Site. You can choose to order the results by job family (IT, Business, Quants, Staff and Regulatory) or you can type the word intership in the search box to get the complete list of interships
  • Is it possible to undertake a curricular internship awarding University education credits? 
    We tend to offer paid extracurricular internships, but it is possible that research may be launched for curricular internships. Check out  all the internship positions among the open positions of our website.
  • How long does an internship last and what can I learn? 
    Internships are  typically offered for a maximum duration of 6 months and applicants should be able to work on a full-time basis. The internship is among the most valuable learning experience that a recent graduate can have. We strongly believe in training but also in realising/developing the potential of young people: you will therefore be supported by a tutor who will follow you throughout your internship
  • What do you look for in recent graduates?
    A good theoretical knowledge – the one you gain at University -  is important. Knowledge, however, must be  regularly updated: what youstudy today could be completely outdatedtomorrow. This is why we primarily assess  soft skills and personal traits: teamworking, problem solving, flexibility and planning are just some of the core  soft skills to work in our Group.
  • Are there also job opportunities for candidates with a high-school diploma?
    Most of our research is aimed at those who are completing their university studies or holding a Bachelor's or Masters degree. However, some positions are open to high-school graduates. Check out our positions to find out the opportunities available right now.
  • How can I understand whichrole is most suitable for me?
    Our advice is to explore our open positions and go beyond the job title and carefully read what you can do and learn, also focusingon the requirements of the role.


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