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Intesa Sanpaolo looks to the Blockchain

The experience of Intesa Sanpaolo in the blockchain began five years ago, and the Group expects important results from this area.

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The Italian cosmetics industry is in good shape

The Italian cosmetics industry is competitive and in good shape.

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The banking union: single supervision is still not common

The book by Stefano Lucchini and Andrea Zoppini emphasizes the need to harmonize European standards.

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Intesa Sanpaolo: how it is structured and how it works

The organizational structure of the bank.

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Intesa Sanpaolo’s commitment to sustainability and culture

Intesa Sanpaolo's commitment to sustainability, culture in the 2018 non-financial statement.

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Intesa Sanpaolo, a key player at the Ellen MacArthur Foundation 2019 Summit

On 13 June, in London, an international meeting to discuss the Circular Economy.