Life in Intesa Sanpaolo

As colleagues and as human beings, we feel the support of a Group that rewards our talent and values our diversity. It means that celebrating these values comes naturally to us.


Challenge, Flexibility, Innovation and Internationalism: discover our morals through the stories of our colleagues.


For all our colleagues and for everyone

Our philosophy is all about celebrating diversity and rewarding effort. It’s how we enable everyone to fully express their talent and be themselves in life.


Health, wellbeing, free time, life management: we believe in the value of people and invest in this every day.


All Intesa Sanpaolo’s projects and initiatives are designed to turn diversity into a resource for us all.                          

The new Podcast dedicated to professions in Intesa Sanpaolo: "Bancario a chi"?

What does it mean to work in the Bank today? What are the most requested and unexpected professions in Intesa Sanpaolo and what are the skills required of banking 2.0? In these podcasts, the Group's employees will answer these questions by describing their role and experience in Intesa Sanpaolo. With "Bancario a chi?" we talk to recent graduates and professionals to share practical advice and possible career paths in Intesa Sanpaolo.

Artificial intelligence in our Bank, interview with Giorgio Bella

Giorgio Bella works as Lead Data Engineer in the Information Systems Department, the technological heart of the Group.
His challenge is to implement products and solutions in the field of artificial intelligence in different areas of the Bank, from anti-money laundering to risk management or marketing.
Being a banking 2.0 for him means being hungry for new knowledge.
His advice to new graduates: learn to work in a team and make your work a passion in which to invest every day.

Listen to his interview to learn about his profession and discover the Bank's IT world.

Empathy in our Bank, interview with Francesco Fiori

Francesco Fiori has been a Business Supervisor in Intesa Sanpaolo for 5 years.
Francesco thinks that  the 2.0 banker has two main qualities: empathy and creativity, to get in tune with the customer and understand his needs by finding ad hoc solutions.
His advice to university students? Thinking outside the box.


Listen to his interview now to learn about his path and his role in the Group.

Technology in our Bank, interview with Valentina La Porta

Valentina La Porta has been working in the Group's Data Technology Office for 2 years as a Business Intelligence Specialist.
She is responsible for promoting business intelligence systems to all the Bank's Structures; what fascinates her most about her work is being able to work daily on the multiple technologies available to her.
For Valentina, 2.0 banker must be led to innovation and change, in order to be able to govern the new technologies to support the business.


Listen her interview to find out about her advice and her activities in the BI field.

Trust in our Bank: the private banker, interview with Stefano Fungardi

Stefano Fungardi talks about what it means to be a Private Banker In Intesa Sanpaolo.
Stefano's daily mission is creating a relationship of trust with his customers , who is committed every day to assist them from a financial point of view.
His professional career began from the role of Private Assistant to learn about back office activities, up to managing his client portfolio in the role of a Private Banker.
What stimulates Stefano the most is change, because it is synonymous with improvement.

Listen to his interview to find out what he appreciates most about Intesa Sanpaolo and the details of his work.

Professional development and training

Formazione e sviluppo | Intesa Sanpaolo

In Intesa Sanpaolo there are many initiatives to enhance our people: to face new professional challenges in different areas of the Group and nurture talents, all colleagues have at their disposal a personalized, multi-channel and usable training with maximum ease and flexibility of learning thanks to innovative methodologies adopted in both synchronous and digital training.

In particular, for the Group's Managers, in Italy and abroad, we have an academy dedicated to them, to continue growing in the profession of manager through a learning experience, which is also personalized, innovative and phygital.

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