Suppliers Portal

The Suppliers portal, started in 2010, allowed the purchasing process to be redefined based on business procedures increasingly geared to ethical negotiations and competitive comparisons of technical and economic characteristics in the offers submitted by suppliers and subcontractors.

The supplier management process allows to learn about the sustainability policies adopted by the suppliers and the commitments undertaken in terms of social and environmental responsibility. Already in the registration to the Portal suppliers is present on-line a section dedicated ( "Details of other company data ") and a questionnaire to be completed aimed at obtaining information concerning also the social and environmental responsibility practices both for usuals suppliers and those who are proposing for the first time.

The portal allows the supplier to know the Organisational, Management and Control Model in accordance with Legislative Decree n. 231/2001, the Code of Ethics and the Internal Code of Conduct of the Group and, at the same time, requires suppliers to sign the documents for acceptance.

The Suppliers portal has been bringing a substantial communication improvement with suppliers and an increase in the degree of transparency in the relationship. The application provides an online trading system: suppliers are required to register online, and, if invited to take part in a bid, they can follow all the stages of the process in a transparent manner.

To guarantee the Procurement Department's assessment of the entire supply chain, in 2016 the registration and qualification process was also extended to sub-suppliers, with mandatory registration in the Suppliers portal. The new Supplier portal, which became fully operational in 2017, obliges all potential suppliers, already at the time of registration, to comply with certain mandatory requirements also in the "CSR" sphere, in order to intensify investigations into the ethics of business, respect for human rights and safeguard the rights of workers and the environment. The "New Suppliers portal" has a questionnaire on CSR issues. Mandatory documents and other informations must be updated at least annually. The new supplier's qualification process will also make it possible to obtain a supplier's rating more precise and monitored over time and to have an updated screening of the suppliers, for all the duration of the contractual relationship, in order to plan the appropriate actions to be taken in case of unsatisfactory evaluations.
At the end of 2018, about 3,161 suppliers are registrated or in the process of registration to the new portal.

Total number of suppliers - perimeter Suppplier gate    
Italy and abroad  3,161  
With registered office in Italy 2,860  
With registered office in Europe (not in Italy) 239  
With registered office in Asia 15  
With registered office in the Americas 45  
With registered office in Africa 1  
Wiith registered office in Oceania 1  
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