Green Purchases

Intesa Sanpaolo commitment to the environment, enshrined in its Rules for environmental and energy policy, is realized through the purchase of "green products", energy-efficient and more environmentally friendly, as illustrated in greater detail on the pages relating to direct environmental impacts.

Office equipment

In the banking sector, a significant part of energy consumption may be attributed to "equipment": PCs, monitors, printers, photocopiers, servers, IT systems and service support devices. One measure aimed at this type of consumption involves the gradual replacement of office equipment with other, more energy-efficient models and the adoption of a specific policy on the matter.

Contractual specifications for environmental sustainability have been defined for new purchases of office machines and certifications of both the products and the suppliers are required for their acceptance. For the technical assessment, an algorithm for assessing environmental and energy performance has been set up, whereas from the standpoint of economic evaluation, energy-related operating costs are considered over the machine's average lifetime, and are added to the price of the initial investment.

Intesa Sanpaolo is also introducing the use of an internal price on carbon, applied to procurement of IT equipment (e.g. computers, multifunctional printing devices, etc.).  The internal price on carbon is applied to the GHG emissions generated by the electricity consumed by the IT equipment, based on product certifications (e.g. Energy Star) and/or declarations from suppliers. The evaluation supports Intesa Sanpaolo in the selection of the most advantageous supply considering a life cycle perspective. This application is expected to have a positive effect on the energy efficiency of the organization in a medium-long term.

High-efficiency signs

The Bank has long been pursuing a plan that calls for the gradual renewal of its signs, also with the aim of reducing energy consumption. The new types of signs employed feature standard high-efficiency fluorescent tubes and more effective materials for diffusing light. In 2010, the Group also began to introduce LED-based solutions that further reduce consumption.

Paper and other green products

Paper for a company such as Intesa Sanpaolo is a resource to which particular attention is devoted, also expressed through the adoption of a specific policy. Awareness of this topic means knowing one’s own ecological footprint and being willing to adopt solutions aimed at reducing direct and indirect impacts as much as possible, both in terms of paper acquisition and usage. In 2020, the amount of recycled or ecological paper (certified FSC, ECF / TCF and other brands) on the total purchased by the Group is over 85%.

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