Intesa Sanpaolo & Lorenzo Musetti

Intesa Sanpaolo is at the side of Lorenzo Musetti, a rising star of Italian tennis. He embodies the values of transparency, hard work, and love for his land, values that the Group has always embodied. 

Talent can be born anywhere but, in any corner of the planet it rises, it will be the care and attention with which it is cultivated that will determine its final parable. What better metaphor, then, than the story of Lorenzo. Born in 2002, he was capable to build from the seeds of a unique talent the foundations of a bright career, of which today we are only admiring the first steps. 

From Carrara to the elite of tennis, a predilection and bond with clay court

A native of Carrara, Musetti was meant to become a lover of the clay court, the terrain that more than others seems ideal for bringing out his qualities on the court. The clay, the second oldest surface of the circuit after the English grass of the origins, owes its genesis precisely to crumbled bricks, which were used to make the first playing rectangles. And the brick, as well as the stone, repeatedly appear in the biography of the young Tuscan. 

First of all, they appear in the reflection of the greatest Carrarese excellence, that pure-white marble exported all over the world. This stone, in the elegance of its veinings, seems to recall Lorenzo's fluid movements, who expresses all his potential with incredible naturalness every time he is holding a racket. 

And then, also in the folds of the narrative, which contributes as much as the talent to the sharing of the right values and messages, of which the Italian champion is a living manifesto. In fact, having discovered his inclination for tennis when he was still a child, Musetti spent hours and hours of his childhood in his grandmother's basement, throwing balls against a wall made — precisely — of solid bricks. 

The importance of roots

Few things can describe a child's desire to arrive and the sheer determination of the spirit as much as imagining him throwing forehand and backhand against a wall, knowing that no blow in that direction will ever go unanswered. Yet it is precisely in that tenacity and in that sincere passion that the greatness of a dream hides. Passing through the intermediate goals of the youth categories, it has projected Musetti to the doors to Olympus, celebrating his premature entry into the elite of World tennis

From his first racket, a gift from his father, to his triumph in the Juniores Australian Open — the first Italian ever — his growth has been constant and always very balanced, thanks to the solid roots of a present and never intrusive family. And the close bond with his own coach, Simone Tartarini, the one who discovered him and raised him in sport.  

The final outcome is a young man with clear ideas and feet firmly planted on the ground, who always manages to balance a strong and healthy ambition with the humility that distinguished him from an early age. A crystal-clear talent, who can normalize his own extraordinary nature thanks to a simple yet magnificent approach to sport.

Tennis is my life, my job, and my ambition; but first of all it is my greatest passion because without it I would never be able to do what I do every day. 

Lorenzo Musetti